Kansas City Exterior Doors
Some Lemieux exterior doors are warrantied for 20-years.Kansas City Exterior Doors – Compare The Options

Kansas City Exterior Doors in Review

Wood Exterior Doors

The Window, Door and Trim Store specializes in exterior doors. We partner with the best wood door manufacturers in the country: Lemieux Doors and Rogue Valley Doors. Exterior doors are one of the best investments you can make on your home and wood exteriors doors will set your home apart from every other house in your neighborhood. Select from a variety of wood species, including torrefied wood, decorative glass and a host of door designs to suite your individual taste. We have the expertise to help you design a one of a kind custom door with matching sidelights and transoms too.


Kansas City Exterior Doors
Masonite doors have a broad selection of designs and decorative glass options.

Fiberglass Exterior Doors

Masonite fiberglass doors are often a modest upgrade from the standard steel door unit. Fiberglass exterior doors are available in smooth for painting or textured for staining. Glass selections are available in many design patterns to match with a homeowners personal tastes. Fiberglass exterior doors have great features; they won’t split or crack or dent. For a clean and modern look, ask us about the new Masonite Vista Grande flush glazed door selections.


Steel Doors

The Masonite steel door collection represent the best selling Kansas City exterior doors. Steel doors can often be matched to your interior door designs creating a seamless flow of architectural elements from outside to inside. Like fiberglass, Masonite steel doors have a broad selection of clear and decorative glass options that meet or exceed Energy Star performance criteria.


Install Program

The Window, Door and Trim Store offers a complete installation program of your new front door. Contact us for more information.