Everyone wants their home to be the most Stunning, Beautiful and Delightful home in the neighborhood.  The house that has that “WOW” factor!  You can build a million dollar mansion and still not draw the attention, like the little cottage down the block.  Why, because you did not finish accenting your home properly.

When decorating the interior of your home, you start with the basics of carpet, paint and furniture.  Then you move on to accessorizing.  How many home shows must one watch to see that the difference between a nice home and a showplace is the way accessories are used?  I cannot stand it when I drive by a beautiful new home and notice that no one invested in a front door that has character.  What are they thinking?  Who uses that cheap front door on a new, expensive home?  Silly me, that is the question I asked my aunt before seeing her new house with just such a door.

OOPS! The front door is the first thing that people notice about a home.  Like your landscape, a beautiful door, be it wood or glass, expresses the personality of the homeowner.  It draws you into the home with a warm welcoming hug.   Beauty is important; however, make sure that you think of practicality too.  When choosing a door, be sure before you choose that magnificent mahogany door, that you are ready to keep up real wood, before you buy it.  A wood “look” door gives the illusion of wood with the ease of a strong metal door.  The variety of accent windows to surround your door, are endless.

A home’s design needs to be extended to your window choices too.   If you are updating your home make sure that the style of your windows match.  What I mean is if you are using casement windows, continue, because a home with different types of windows does not looked balanced.  It’s like mixing ugly plaid and polka-dots.  I chose casements because they are easy to clean, they have a symmetrical look and do not have the break in the center as lift windows.

Finally, millwork is the glue that ties the home together.  Colors and the framing of doors and windows, completes a project making a home’s design look elegant or contemporary. Outside or inside, your windows are not only your view of the world, but your neighbor’s view of you!